helping kids become financially responsible

Keep track of money, empower kids to do simple jobs, and track spending. KidsBank™ helps children learn the value of saving, responsible spending, and giving to charity, by doing. It's fun and easy.

  • Virtual bank accounts
  • Jobs for extra money and responsibility
  • Builds work ethic
  • Save for charity
  • Automatically credits weekly allowance
  • Reward good saving habits with interest payments
  • empowers kids to be financially responsible
  • Sync via iCloud across devices
  • Optional Apple Watch app interface


Take the app shopping, and when your child asks, “Can I buy that?”, you can offer them the opportunity to make a decision to buy with their own money. Easily and quickly record the transaction in KidsBank™. When children spend their own money, it is amazing how responsible they become in making good choices.

Add special vacation spending money to their account and track their souvenir spending.

Children learn to take pride in their work and complete simple recurring jobs beyond the chores you expect them to do as a family member. Reward them for doing age appropriate jobs of your choice such as cutting the grass, doing the dishes, or taking out the trash.

Print a KidsBank™ Fridge Sheet and post it on the refrigerator and your children can check off completed jobs and record deposits and withdrawals.


  • create an account for each child
  • virtual spending and savings accounts
  • save for charity
  • credits interest each Sunday
  • automatically credits weekly allowance
  • track deposits and withdrawals
  • create jobs and reward kids for their work
  • transaction history
  • email and print Fridge Sheet or Account Statement


  • rewards saving
  • encourages development of a good work ethic
  • teaches the importance of compound interest
  • empowers kids
  • easy tool for parents on the go
  • fun and easy to use

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KidsBank™ and KidsBank™ Free are available on the App Store℠
KidsBank™ Free is a limited-feature ad-supported version with an option to unlock the full version.


Feb 8, 2013
Bank of Mom - Great app! Makes it easy for me to be the banker and keep track of everyone's savings and spending. And i don't need to keep cash on hand for paying allowance. The jobs list is easy to customize and revise.

Dec 24, 2012
Love it! - This app is so customizable, easy for parents and kids, shows kids what they can profit when they do their chores, the new charity feature is great for showing then how they can help others and the job/chore addition or editing is great as often there's special stuff going in here at the house! Love this app! My daughter loves it and has made chores a snap! Plus no more arguing about in store purchases ... If its not in her spend account it doesn't happen!

Oct 6, 2011
What a great App - This is truly a good app for children to see the true value of money - I have two kids and both are using this to see how their savings are growing by doing jobs around the house to help out - nice app

Oct 5, 2011
Brilliant App - This app is great for teaching kids fiscal responsibility, it is very useful and well worth the price!!! Very useful in keeping records and budgeting!

Jul 31, 2011
Kids bank great - My kids love looking in "bank" to see how much money they have. They are doing more chores to earn money. I love teaching them about savings and having an app that helps me track it wherever we are.

Jul 8, 2011
Great app - Keeps track of money u owe/ pay ur child! No more mix ups and arguments! Well done!

Jul 1, 2011
Brilliant! - This is a GREAT app! So easy to navigate, and such a brilliant concept. A wonderful, functional, fun tool to help teach kids the value of money, saving, smart financial decisions, and money management. And it benefits both kids and parents!

Tech Support Note: Your KidsBank data and iCloud:

KidsBank data is saved on your local iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and synced across your devices using iCloud.  You do not need to use iCloud to use KidsBank.  If you enable iCloud, your data will migrate to iCloud.

If you upgraded and need help recovering your data, review this tech note.

See Tech Note [07112015].

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